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Eco Tan Hempitan Body Tan Water

Eco Tan Hempitan Body Tan Water

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If you haven’t tried it yet, our organic body tan water is a life changer. Tanning has never been so easy, it dries instantly so you can pop it on and go! It also develops in as little as an hour, however we recommend to leave it on until your next shower. You literally can’t feel you're wearing it and it doesn't transfer to your clothes.

You choose how dark you want to go, from a golden sheen to a deep bronze.

This is the darkest instant tan in our range, and is still made from only organic and natural ingredients. Fused with organic hemp seed extract, you’re not only tanning but also moisturising, balancing and nourishing the skin. Cacao gives that extra kick of antioxidants and nutrients that your skin will thank you for later.

Things we love about Hempitan™:

- This express tan is non-comedogenic, so it won't clog your pores

- It provides long-lasting, streak-free colour

- With a convenient spray on formula, it doesn’t get any easier!

- Natural cacao & orange oil makes Hempitan smells amazing!

This product is 140ml in size.

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