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Ivy & Wood Australiana: The Entire Reed Diffuser Collection

Ivy & Wood Australiana: The Entire Reed Diffuser Collection

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Australiana collection

The entire reed diffuser collection includes: 

- Australian Bush Reed Diffuser
- Australian Florals Reed Diffuser
- Australian Blue Cypress & Jasmine Reed Diffuser
- Bergamot & Banksia Reed Diffuser
- Kakadu Plum & Cucumber Reed Diffuser
- Wild Rosella Reed Diffuser


About the Australiana collection

The Australiana Collection celebrates our stunning, unique native flora and fauna and features illustrations by talented local Brisbane artist, Melanie Kilby. 

Comes packaged in a beautiful box, perfect for gifting! 

About Ivy & Wood reed diffusers

Ivy & Wood reed diffusers offer the delightful fragrances of your beloved Ivy & Wood candles without the need for a flame. These elegant amber glass pieces will infuse your space with captivating scents around the clock, lasting 6-12 months for excellent value.

Slow-releasing and long-lasting, our reed diffusers are crafted from meticulously blended premium fragrance oils in a diverse range of delightful scents.

Instructions for use

Unscrew the top and insert your reeds into the jar. Place it on a stable surface, away from children or pets and any potential knock-over hazards. For an added fragrance boost, turn the reeds weekly (avoiding spills on furniture), or reduce the number of reeds for a milder room scent.


Volume: 200ml 
Packaged weight: 410g
Bottle dimensions: 140mm H x 51mm D 
Usage: 6-12 months

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