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Ivy & Wood Paradiso room spray

Ivy & Wood Paradiso room spray

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The Paradiso Collection pays homage to mid-century tropical Queensland, exuding eternal Summer holiday vibes. This vibrant collection is brought to life by the skilled local Brisbane artist and color queen, Brook Gossen.

Comes packaged in a beautiful box, perfect for gifting! 

About Ivy & Wood room sprays

Transform your space instantly with our fragrant room sprays. It's that must-have item you never knew you needed until you give it a go. Our room sprays work wonders in the bedroom, bathroom, and living areas, but feel free to use them anywhere, even as a freshener in the loo or your car.

Directions for use

Gently shake before use. Spray into the air whenever needed. Avoid direct contact with skin, fabric, or furniture to prevent oil stains.


Volume: 100ml 
Packaged weight: 190g
Bottle dimensions: 140mm H x 45mm D 

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